Want To Stick To New Habits? Here Is Why You Should Forget About Willpower And Try This Instead

You get excited about making some changes. You decided to start a new diet, or learn a new sport – and you can’t wait! You start strong, but after a few days or weeks something happens… The excitement is gone, and you drag yourself to keep up the new habit. Eventually laziness wins and you decide to quit.

Sounds familiar? It’s because we’ve ALL been there!

But… just because it’s so common, it doesn’t mean there is no solution. See, the problem with trying to make long-lasting changes is that we use the wrong recourses and inevitably, we fail. (And it’s amazing how fast all that “good advice” spreads among blogs and magazines setting all the people up for a failure…)

What am I talking about? Your willpower. You try to rely on your willpower to make changes in your life but what you don’t realize is that it’s your willpower why you fail!

In the video below I reveal why relying on the willpower is a recipe for a failure and what to do instead. Yes, I know it might sound counterintuitive, but I promise you it works.


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