Is Your Partner Jealous Of Your Success?

Is Your Partner Jealous Of Your Success?

Jealousy is a common human feeling, and if you are successful – then you’ve likely experienced it. Difficult as it is to deal with, it gets much harder if the person who’s jealous is your partner.

In close relationships our faults and insecurities are wide in the open. Our partner knows what we’re good at – and what we’re not.

And as long as the relationship is balanced, everything is ok.

But what if one person becomes more successful that the other? Or even more… What if one partner achieves their biggest achievements at the moment when the other hits the lowest point in their career?

It is not an easy situation to manage. You thrive and feel happy at both: your work and your relationship. Choosing between the two is not easy.

BUT… you don’t have to. In the video below you’ll learn about 4 ways to manage such hard situations so you don’t have to choose.

These tips are based on my personal experience. I did everything… wrong! At least I’ve learnt from my mistakes and today I’m sharing these lessons with you, so you don’t have to get it wrong before you get it right.

Has your partner ever been jealous of your achievements? What do you think are the things to do? And the things to avoid? Please share below:

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