11 Habits Outside Your Professional Life That Will Help You Become More Successful In Business

We’re used to reading advice on our business life, and then reading a book on health. Watch a program about improving our love life and going to a seminar on how to be more productive.

The problem with this approach is that it separates various areas of our lives: career, love, health, social and personal life. But they are all interconnected!

In fact, if you want to excel in your business life you must work on every other area of your life, too.

But this is really a good news. Because if you’ve tried everything, read tons of books and spent a lot of money on courses to become more successful, you don’t need to worry. You can hack the rest of the process by adding some cool habits that will nurture your body and soul and will directly impact how successful you are in business as well.

Here are 11 such habits (for more details watch the full video below):

1. Spend time in nature

2. Engage in voluntary work and/or charity

3. Read, watch and do things that make you laugh

4. Move your body

5. Ditch sugar and junk food

6. Strengthen your relationships with friends, family and lovers

7. Believe in something bigger

8. Practice active recovery

9. Play like a child

10. Create a vision board

11. Get a pet

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