5 Situations When It’s Ok To Put Yourself And Your Goals First

“It is selfish to say ‘no’ to a person who needs help”
“When an occasion comes, grab it – you may never be given this chance again”

“It is bad to choose yourself over other people”

The message we’ve been given for so long is clear: do not say ‘no’.

And so we grow up believing that saying ‘no’ to other people and opportunities is bad. That is makes us selfish, too full of ourselves or ungrateful.
Only that, after years of always saying ‘yes’ to everything, I realized I was paying a very high price for it. Because always saying ‘yes’ to others, means you’re saying ‘no’ to yourself.

The truth is that if you keep saying ‘yes’ to everyone and everything, you’re draining yourself from energy – the energy you need for your own goals. And in case you forgot: your goals deserve to be realized just as much as anyone else’s. You own it to yourself, to God, and to all the people who are in need of your services.

Here is a short video for you on 5 things I say ‘no’ to (and do not feel guilty about it at all). Go ahead, watch it, and try it yourself. I can guarantee you you will have more energy, you will be more focused on what truly matters and you will speed up the process of getting to your goals.

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Which thing will you practice saying ‘no’ to?

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