Hi, I'm Magda!

I started Psychology for Marketers with 2 goals in mind:

  1. to help you create the business in line with your passion while still leaving you time to do all the other things you love;
  2. and to help you improve your relationships with others and easily get things you want in life.

With my tips on applied psychology you can have both.

I believe that 99% of all our troubles would disappear if we only understood ourselves better. And I'm committed to helping you and others get that understanding - and literally see how every aspect of your life starts improving.


I come from Poland, but as it's quite hard for me to stay in one place for too long, I got to experience what it's like to live in Northern Ireland, USA, Italy and Malaysia, as well (now you know where my accent come from :P).

For long all I wanted for myself was a good, stable corporate job. In fact, all people around me seemed to want the same.

But something always felt off... I felt there must be more I can do for others, there must be some meaning to my work.

After 25 years I finally learnt how to listen to my heart and understand what my true passion in life is. Since then I opened my own business (yes, this one that you're on right now:P), created a series of online courses, live workshops, talks and coaching packages.

Every day I get to make a difference in somebody's life. And there is nothing that makes me sleep better than this. Here is just one example:

I am the owner and CEO of software business in Russia. My favorite part of work is strategy and marketing.Both this two questions require good persuating skills to deal with partners, clients and team. That is why I took this course. And I find this course extremly useful. I feel really sad, that I payed great money for MBA degree in marketing, but did not know from MBA, that marketing is all about psychology. When I started reading Magda s blog, I finally got, that marketing is not about strategy or product, it s more about psychology and people. Magda, thank U for creating and sharing! It s great! So simple, so elegant and so helpful. Very easy to take and implement! Wish U all the best!

- Anastasia, Software company, Russia

And this is where you come in.

Because everything I've learnt to be where I am today - is yours.

Now only will you learn about marketing, psychology and persuasion. With Psychology for Marketers you will also learn how to find the courage to follow your dreams, how to know what your true talent is, how to relax in life and simply enjoy the moment, how to have better and more fulfilling relationships, how to grow as a person and how to impact other people.

And all this while having tons of fun!

With Brendon Burchard, one of the top speakers and trainers for high performance

With the one and only Lisa Nichols

There are a few things in my life I will never sacrifice - my passions, my family and my health.

When I'm not busy recording videos for you or training, I'd be likely on my yoga mat doing headstands, or under water in my diving gear. I'm also (literally) obsessed with sharks. And every day I feel blessed to have the lifestyle that allows me to do it.

Now... it's your time.



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