Forget an action plan. It’s time to take over the world! (funny)

What makes a difference between a plan and an evil plan to take over the word? I mean, if you’re about to put all that time and energy, wouldn’t you want it to really have an impact on the world?

Here are 7 steps to take over the world:

My evil plan to take over the world:
1. BIG vision
2. MASS impact
3. Make people DO what I want
4. Make people LOVE me
6. Create only my LAB to do the evil work
7. Have an evil PLAN to take over the world

What is your evil plan to take over the world? Share below:

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  • Andy

    Reply Reply November 17, 2015

    Very fun video Magda and it was very informative too. Great job!

    • Magda Kay

      Reply Reply November 17, 2015

      Thank you!

      • Ajay

        Reply Reply June 15, 2017

        you are great , thank you , let me know any franchisee model you have for your services for India

  • Joyce

    Reply Reply November 17, 2015

    Hi Magda,
    What a great video. I have and do all the points that you make, except I must have missed the part about taking over the world until now. I have been happy that I get more likes and followers each day, but it isn’t enough. I believe it’s my turn to take over the world.

    • Magda Kay

      Reply Reply November 17, 2015

      Go for it! :)

  • James Porter

    Reply Reply January 27, 2017

    Very informative to men because all men different races perceive and behave with confidence and self esteem differently.You are very beautiful and sweet and you know how to conversate and communicate physically and verbally without feeling uncomfortable.I wish there were more young women like you.Hopefully after this seminar you have given there will be.Enjoy your traveling.

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