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How to use cognitive biases for effective marketing

There are certain shortcuts in our brain that can determine our behaviour… without us knowing about it! What if those shortcuts work against you? What if they block all your business efforts? You sales? Now imagine having them work FOR you. Imagine having the knowledge to turn cognitive biases from your adversaries into your allies…

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Expressing Gratitude

Countless benefits of expressing gratitude. Make it your habit to experience them yourself.

How often do you take time to appreciate and express gratitude for things and people in your life? If not often enough, than you might be missing out on the enormous benefits gratitude is known to bring. Back in high school I achieved sometimes great. I fought against all the obstacles to get it. I was proud of…

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Awesomeness Fest Bali 2013

My most personal insights from Awesomeness Fest

Last week I attended an amazing event. Over 230 people from all around the world came to meet on a beautiful tropical island of Bali to discuss and exchange mind- and life-changing ideas. This even was Awesomeness Fest. Just as good as the beginning of this story is, every moment of it till the very end,…

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What’s a ‘sleeper effect’ and how does it affect how much money you’re making

What’s a ‘sleeper effect’ and how does it affect how much money you’re making

If you ever read anything about influencing others and making them do what you want, then you probably know one crucial thing you need to do to succeed: leverage the momentum. Once you hook a potential customer, you need to keep them engaged. You don’t want to lose them now. If you do, you won’t…

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Persuasive communication

Persuasive communication: better email or face-to-face?

You need to ask a favor. Do you do it by email or face-to-face? The research on persuasive communcation by Guadagno & Cialdini (2002) has an answer to it. Let’s look at what has been discovered. 1. Channel of communication and gender Would it make a difference if the person you’re trying to persuade was…

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How to use 6 triggers from Influence by Robert Cialdini

How to use 6 triggers from Influence by Robert Cialdini for online business

If you’re a marketer, then there is one book you simply must read: Influence by Robert Cialdini. It’s probably the most comprehensive book on the art of influence translated into the language of marketing. Some find it a bit too simplified (and I am one of them), but despite all, it is probably the first book…

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Sex and marketing

Sex and marketing: how to use sex in your advertising

If you ever wondered whether using sex in advertising helps to sell, here is the answer: it does. Actually, it is one of the strongest and most effective selling tools. The relationship between sex and marketing is a winning combination for almost any business. However, if you don’t know how to use it, you’re risking…

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How to use reverse psychology

How to use reverse psychology to make others do what you want

Why Romeo and Juliet fell so passionately in love with each other? The answer is: reverse psychology. Let me explain. If you remember the story, the two lovers met and took a liking in each other. If the story ended here, they might have gotten together, be happy for a few months and then discover…

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Using humor in advertising

Does humor in advertising help sell more?

Does using humor in advertising and marketing help you sell more? Or should it be avoided? John Caples, author of one of the most famous advertising headlines – ”They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano but When I Started to Play!” said: Avoid humor. You can entertain a million people and not sell…

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Changing beliefs

How to change beliefs – a secret technique used by the Vietnamese government on American soldiers

A shocking real life case that revealed a secret how to change beliefs of others. Changing one’s beliefs is not easy. It requires a deep understanding of a person’s psyche, their current belief system, values and behaviours. And yet Vietnamese government achieved what to many seemed impossible. During the war in Vietnam something incredible took…

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