Why you should take naps during the day

As kids, we all take naps during the day. We know it’s good for us. Yet somehow, we fail to notice that adults would benefit from naps just as much.

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your mind, your body, your productivity and wellbeing. This is the time when you regenerate.

Have you ever noticed that after a long and exhausting day you crash? That the second you hit the bed, you fall asleep? And that sometimes after a big effort, you can sleep for even 12 hours?

All these are a proof that sleep is your best recovery after all the challenges you face during your days.

That’s why it’s such a pity sleep has gotten such a negative opinion. If somebody sleeps long hours, we tend to think of them as lazy. And even worse if they nap during the day!

So it might come as a surprise to realize that not only is sleep good for physical recovery, it is also our secret weapon for a more creative thinking and solving problems.

Let me explain.

In sleep, our brain frequencies change. During a day, when you’re fully awake, you brain frequencies are at beta level. When you rest, you enter a deeper state – alpha. When you sleep, your brain frequencies lower even more to theta level, and finally – you go into delta level in deep sleep.

The reason why this is so important, is that our brain prefers lower frequencies. Just like you exercise to train your muscles, you want to lower you brain frequencies to train your mind. This is what meditation does. And sleep and napping do that, too.

During a day, when fully awake and in beta state, we try to solve our problems and build our dreams with what’s available to us – our consciousness.

But scientists say that consciousness represents only about 10% of our mind’s capacity. Where is the rest 90%? And how to tap into it?

That 90% lies in your subconscious. And one of the ways of tapping into it is by sleeping.

If you set your mind on what you’re working on, what you’re trying to solve, what question you want to answer – and then go to sleep, you are likely to wake up with your solution.

While you were sleeping and resting, your mind was working in its lower frequencies providing you with the answers you were searching for.

Here is a great TED talk about the importance and benefits of napping and sleep:

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  • David

    Reply Reply November 22, 2013

    Hi Magda, I totally agree about napping! I get up early (5-6 am) which is a big productivity boost, but I can only maintain the productivity with a nap. When I speak to people about napping, they think that it’s a waste to sleep 60 minutes in the afternoon and are surprised when I tell them my naps are only 5-15 minutes. I highly recommend naps! Looking forward to your new course :)

    • Magda Kay

      Reply Reply November 23, 2013

      Thanks David!

  • MIGUEL O'Neill

    Reply Reply August 5, 2017

    Great information Magda as all of your highly interesting subjects.

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