Forget these BS rules

6 BS rules you were told to follow to become successful – that you should unlearn and forget right now

As children we are like a sponge. Whatever our parents, teachers or older friends told us, we took as truth and integrated it in our own belief system.

There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, if not for the fact that most people operate from a very limited and self-sabotaging system of beliefs. And even though they want to help us grow up to be happy and successful, these “truths” that we learn over the years usually are the ones stopping us from living the lives we want.

A lot of them have become so popular, you hear you relatives and friends talk about them, read about them on blogs, and so on.

However, from my own experience, and from the experience of many successful men, I believe that the faster we unlearn some of these “truths”, the sooner we will live the kind of life that puts a smile on our faces every morning.

So here are the biggest 6 BS rules about success:

What are some of the biggest BS rules you were told as a kid? Share in the comments section below:

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