How Can I Help You

I specialize in online business and marketing. Whether it's launching online courses, building your personal brand online or creating a strong network to sell high-end retreats - I've done it all.

Here are some of the main areas I can help you with:

  •  building a website (how to present your offer on a website, maximizing sign ups,  copy and design tweaks, necessary plugins and functions)
  • creating online courses (refining structure, getting the right equipment, direction in production and editing)
  • sales funnels and online selling
  • webinars
  • building your online presence (using Internet to position yourself as an expert)
  • Landing Pages and conversion optimization
  • and more

Magda's Clients Include:

My coaching experience with Magda was amazing!  She was very well prepared, insightful and thorough; she had done her research on my business and it completely showed. I felt so inspired afterwards that it enabled me to forge ahead with some incredible new directions for my business.
I loved that Magda was honest and intuitive, qualities I look for in a coach. Her intuitive insight added extra depth and awareness, enabling greater value to what she shared and suggested to me. 
I was actually on high after my coaching experience
, with all the new ideas and information she had provided me.  I have recommended her to everyone I know!  If you are thinking of working Magda, go for it - you won't be disappointed!!

Kristen Date
Kristen Date Healer | Australia

I am the owner and CEO of software business in Russia. My favorite part of work is strategy and marketing.Both this two questions require good persuating skills to deal with partners, clients and team. That is why I decided to work with Magda. And I find it extremly useful. I feel really sad, that I payed great money for MBA degree in marketing, but did not know from MBA, that marketing is all about psychology. When I started working with Magda, I finally got, that marketing is not just about strategy or product, it s more about psychology and people. Magda, thank U for sharing! It s great! So simple, so elegant and so helpful. Very easy to take and implement! Wish U all the best!

Anastasia Russia

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Session happens over Skype and is 90 min. You need to submit both the payment and the application. Once we receive them, we will contact you personally to schedule the session at the mutually agreed time.

Price: 250 USD

* The $250 fee is valid for 30 days and is non-refundable

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