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Feeling Invisible In Public Events? Get People To Notice You With These 4 Tested Tips

Ever feel invisible? You’re among people but nobody seems to notice you? They don’t pay attention to what you say, don’t acknowledge you and won’t ask for your opinion? Some people have a natural tendency to stand out and get attention. If you’re not one of them, don’t worry. There is a few things you can…

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Eliminate The Fear & Discomfort Of Feedback With My Top 6 Tactics

Feedback – as they say – is a gift, but only when given correctly. If delivered incorrectly, it can hurt and discourage the person, instead of helping them grow. So how to properly give feedback? And how to make sure a person doesn’t take it personally but listens to you? Here are 6 tips that…

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The Brutal Truth Why You’re Not Making More Money

Are you satisfied with how much money you make or do you feel you have what it takes to make more? Though it is depended on external factors, the biggest difference you can make is when looking at yourself. Are you doing what it takes to make more money? Do you approach money like the rich people?…

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Don’t let others discourage you: 6 ways for protecting your goals

You have a goal, it excites you, but once you share it with others, they all start telling you how risky it is and that you’d be better of letting go of that idea. It’s easy to get discouraged when people around you don’t support you. When they only see the reason why your idea won’t work…

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11 Habits Outside Your Professional Life That Will Help You Become More Successful In Business

We’re used to reading advice on our business life, and then reading a book on health. Watch a program about improving our love life and going to a seminar on how to be more productive. The problem with this approach is that it separates various areas of our lives: career, love, health, social and personal…

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Forget these BS rules

6 BS rules you were told to follow to become successful – that you should unlearn and forget right now

As children we are like a sponge. Whatever our parents, teachers or older friends told us, we took as truth and integrated it in our own belief system. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, if not for the fact that most people operate from a very limited and self-sabotaging system of beliefs. And even though…

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The Only Thing You Need To Do To Achieve Any Goal in Life

“How do you make sure you will achieve your goals?” I was asked this question at my recent workshops in which we spent quite a lot of time discussing goals. It was a very good point. If you spend all that time setting the right goals aligned with your true self and desires, it would…

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How To Be Awesome on Camera

6 Tips for Being Awesome On Camera

Cameras used to make me very nervous. I would turn stiff, unnatural and fake. But not anymore. When I starting Psychology for Marketers I knew that sooner or later I would have to face my old enemy… If I wanted to create a successful blog, and have an online business, then videos were a must. So the…

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6 Ways To Ease The Transition From A Secure, Steady Job Into Your Own Business

Years in a steady job give a lot of experience and knowledge but they also create a comfort zone making it more difficult to take action and start your own business. However, just because it’s not that easy, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are too many great ideas never being realized because of fear.…

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6 Ways To Smash The Walls Of Your Comfort Zone

Magic happens outside your comfort zone – but how can you get there? After all, if it was that easy, wouldn’t you already be there? Ok, so breaking the comfort zone is not the easiest thing out there, but – it’s doable. And there are many people to prove that it is possible (and worth…

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