The Biggest Mistake People Make When They Feel Lost About The Next Step

Imagine the life where there are no difficult decisions to make. You always know what to do next, what is good for you, and which direction to follow.
You might think it’s not possible… But what if it was?

There is so much unnecessary anxiety around choosing your job, life partner or a place to live. After all, what if you choose wrong? What if in a few months from now you realize you should have taken that job offer. Or that you shouldn’t have gone into that business… Or that you should have taken that trip you wanted.

A lot of “ifs” and a lot of “shoulds”…

But before you settle thinking there is nothing you can do about it (“that’s how life is“) – watch this video. Though I can’t eliminate difficult decisions from your life, I can show you one tool that makes them much easier:

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.47.48 PM

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