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Don’t ignore your customers

Some companies invest millions into acquiring a customer, but once they get him, they leave him alone and ignored.

Lack of customer care is one of the biggest mistakes any company can do and a sure way to ruin your business.

It is no news that selling to an existing customer requires less effort than gaining a new one. And once you lose a customer, you will never be able to win him back. So why spend all the money if at the last step, you are jest letting it all burn?

Customer care is an essential part of any successful business. In this article we will cover 4 main steps to keep your customer happy (and coming back to you for more).

First of all, customer care doesn’t start 2 weeks after they purchase, when you want to get customer reviews, or upsell another product. Customer care starts the second they buys your product.

And here are 4 main steps to building customer care:

1. Confirm the order

Make sure everything is clear and easy to access. There is nothing worse than not receiving your access details to the product you just bought.
First impressions count. You don’t want your business to be perceived as fraud.

2. Confirm they made a good choice

It is a human thing to doubt our decisions, especially if that decision meant spending $200.
There is always some risk involved, and no matter how much we want something and how much we research our options, there is no way we can be 100% we are doing the right thing by buying a product. We are afraid it’s a scam, that we won’t get what we buy, that somebody will steal our credit card details, that the product won’t work. And so on and so forth.
This is why the 2nd step should be confirming your customers that their decision to buy your product was right.
How to do it? Use social proof. Show number of people who took up the offer. Share testimonials of satisfied customers. Remind the benefits of your product.

3. Remind them your Customer support is always available

Make your customer feel that in case of any questions or problems, you are there, ready to assist them. Remind them of the email address and/or phone number they can use in any time.

4. Surprise them with an extra bonus

Many businesses use bonuses to sell their products. Not many know, though, that it is a great tactic for customers, too.
As it is not part of the selling process, it is being perceived as an honest gift – a true sign you care. This will boost customers’ gratitude and loyalty to your brand, and – your customer lifetime value. You’re wondering how?
Here is an interesting research to prove it.
Experimenters studied tipping behavior in relevance to the extra gift they were given after the meal – a free mint along with the bill. This small ‘bonus’ increased tip value by 3%. If 2 mints were given, that the tips were higher by 14%, and… by shocking 23% for 3 mints!

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Now I’d like to hear from you. Do you have any tips for customer care from your experience? Share in the comments section below.

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