6 Ways To Ease The Transition From A Secure, Steady Job Into Your Own Business

Years in a steady job give a lot of experience and knowledge but they also create a comfort zone making it more difficult to take action and start your own business.

However, just because it’s not that easy, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are too many great ideas never being realized because of fear.

So if you have an idea for your own business that you’re passionate about and you know that it’ll help people – then you owe it to all those people (and yourself) to give it a try.

This video will help you take this step forward guiding you on 6 things to keep in mind for an easy transition.

Now that you have these 6 steps – what will your business be about?

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  • Indy

    Reply Reply April 8, 2015

    Great video! Very well done. Simple and fundamental truths presented with lots of heart and passion. You make me dream again about my ideas. Where in Asia are you?

    • Magda Kay

      Reply Reply April 8, 2015

      Thank you so much!
      I currently live in Malaysia, but I am moving back to Poland in a month.

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