The Mysterious Halo Effect… Finally Revealed

Why pretty people have it easier in life.

They do. No matter what we like to say, the truth is that we are more willing to listen to, follow and help people we find attractive. And we will often go above and beyond to do it.
The power of good looks doesn’t end here. We tend to think of attractive people as funnier, smarter, more interesting and more successful. This is called a halo effect.

The video below shows an experiment in which we can see how our behavior will change depending on the attractiveness of the other person.

Attractive people get what they want much easier. And, here is the magic happens for YOU!

You can use halo effect to your advantage, too. Dress properly and fashionable, get a good haircut, make up, good accessories. With al these you help your looks and create a halo effect on yourself. Now try to ask others for favors – and you’re gonna get it much more often.

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