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How to build customer loyalty [video]

How many times have you heard that taking good care and satisfying your customers is the way to build customer loyalty?
What if I told you that you should do the opposite?

What seems logical, is not necessary how we behave. In the video below I am sharing with you an example of – what would seem to anybody else – irrational decisions, that to me seemed like the most logical and natural thing to do. It’s a story of how being irritated by a product, turned me into one of its biggest fans.

This concept comes from one of the core ideas in social psychology, cognitive dissonance (first described by Festinger, 1957). It’s a fascinating concept that will help you see beyond the surface of human behaviour and understand better what the real motivations behind our actions are.

How to build customer loyalty – highlights of the video:

  • How the concept of cognitive dissonance works
  • What processes are triggered when our behavior goes against our beliefs
  • My personal story of discovering the new way to build loyalty
  • How you can build this theory into your business

What do you think of this idea to creating stronger relationship between your brand/product and your customers? Share your thought and questions below.

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  • ashwin

    Reply Reply February 19, 2013

    Awesome post magda, liked the way you explained the stuff about the phone and the linux example.

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