Claim Your Destiny
& Transition Into The Purpose-Driven Life
That Is Meant For You

For many years you did what you were meant to do: you went to a business school, you got a good job, you worked hard, you made a lot of money, you bought your own place. And yet when you look at your life today you can’t help but feel that something essential is missing.

How is it possible? After all, you did it all. You followed the proven path for success. Then why are you not happy? Why don’t you feel satisfied and fulfilled?

I was in the same place just a few years ago…

Since I was a little girl I was always told how to live a good, successful life. It included going to a good school, then finding a good job offer with one of the biggest corporations, work hard, make money, then buy a car, buy a house, then get married, have children - and you will have lived a fulfilling, happy life.

It was the only way I knew so I did as told: I went to the best business school in my country, I got a job in one of the top marketing companies in the world, I was hard-working and dedicated, and I had a busy social life according to the “work hard, play hard” rule.

And yet… I wasn’t happy. I was missing something fundamental but I didn’t know what it was.

It wasn’t until I moved to Asia where I was exposed to the ideas of personal growth and spirituality that I realised what this missing part was - and that was my life purpose.

I realised my life purpose was not going to business school and working long hours in a corporation. I was living according to all the rules given to me by others - but I wasn’t living according to my own rules. i spent so many years trying to make other people happy, instead of making me happy. I worked hard to make a good living for my bosses, instead of myself. And most importantly, I was wasting my potential on building other people’s dreams instead of acting on my true calling.

We are not encouraged to think on our own but to follow what our parents, teachers or bosses tell us. We are thought to listen to adults, because they are right, when we are too young to know anything about life. After all, they are older so they have more life experience and more knowledge.

Today more and more people are waking up to the truth that linear path of success is an illusion. It’s an artificial creation designed to clip our wings and keep us blind to what we can really achieve.

But what if you opened your eyes… What if you dared to followed your heart?


  • knowing that your talents and potential are put to use and making a difference in somebody’s life
  • being paid for doing what you love
  • having the freedom and possibilities to work when you want, and from any place in world you desire
  • having enough money to fund all your dreams, whether they include buying a beach house, traveling to a 5-star resort or having plenty of time with your family

You’re meant for BIG THINGS and have so much more to offer in this world!

Stop letting other people tell you what you’re worth and how you should live your life.

Let me tell you something important: there is nothing worse than giving up on your dreams - because essentially, you’re giving up on yourself.

The truth is that no matter how hard you try, you can never run away from your calling. It’s always there, nagging on you to stop wasting your life and do what you were born to do.

It’s killing me to see how every day millions of people tirelessly fight who they truly are. If you only used half of the effort you’re putting into quoting your heart’s voice, you will find that this journey is much easier that others have made you believe.


  • you’re trapped in an unfulfilling job you’d love to quit but you feel too scared to step into the unknown
  • you feel you will get no support or maybe even disappoint your loved ones if you dared to transform your life
  • you’ve been sacrificing yourself for others and putting your needs and dreams last
  • you won’t have what it takes to realise your dreams
  • you’re just beginning your journey, determined never to go back to your old life and wanting to make your mark in the world…

You can transform your life

But: if you keep doing things the same way you always have, you’ll keep getting the same things. You can’t plant weed and expect to grow roses.

So be honest with yourself: How satisfied are you with your current life?

If it’s exactly as you want it to be, and you wouldn’t change anything - then congratulations. Keep doing what you’ve been doing.

But if you feel that your life can be better, and that you are meant for something more, than I’m excited to say that you are in the right place.

Claim your destiny

If you only decide, today can be the day when you start transforming your life. Today, can mark the new beginning for you.

I want to invite you to enter this new phase of you life. I will be with you every step of this journey. I know it’s scary to make changes and I know it can be difficult. After all, it’s really hard to do anything before you know it. It’s hard to ride a bicycle before you learn it

It’s hard to ride a car before you learn it. it’s really hard to change your life before you know how to do that. But I am going to hold the saddle while you learn.

Now Available:

How To Dream Big

& Make It Happen

If what you’ve learnt till now has resonated with you, then ‘How To Dream Big’ training was created just for you.

I’ve gone through tons of online courses to help me create the life I desired. Some of them helped a little, others didn’t help at all. But what shocked me the most, that not a single course covered all the steps. Only after I consumed over 12 courses I felt like I was getting enough information.

I could never understand why nobody wanted to create a complete training. I understand how this lets various authors make more money (after all they’re selling a few products instead of just one), but I didn’t want to believe that they were driven simply by money (call me naive, but I do believe that money itself is not the best reason for doing things).

This is when I decided that if no one else is ready to share the full information, then I will. By then I have learnt so much, I got a chance to talk to some of the biggest names in personal growth and business, and I transformed my own life. I knew that what I had would transform people’s lives and help them reach the state they desire. I couldn’t wait to start sharing it.

One important thing about turning your vision of a perfect life into your daily reality is understanding that there are two powerful forces in you: the masculine and the feminine energies. You have your genius-like brain ready to help you solve almost any problem, and you have your extremely accurate intuition. And to truly transform your life in the shortest time possible, you want to engage both of these tools. This is what you will find in my training.

Diana J.

I find Magda’s advice super inspirational and valuable for my coaching business and my personal life. Magda is a great example of strong, inspiring, versatile, talented and at the same time a very feminine and a beautiful woman. Don’t miss your chance  working with Magda Kay. You will be amazed!

Diana J. Marry Me In Goa & Journey 2 ExtraordiarYou

What You'll Find In Your Course:

There is one big problem with setting goals. All the existing models are based on you sitting down and thinking what you achieve. We end up with a list of goals that have nothing to do with what we truly desire. No wonder these systems don't work...

Forget the goals! We will go thru a series of powerful exercises to help you reach deep into your subconscious ming to discover your true desires.

Let's solve once and for all the most common complaint: "I don't have enough time!" People who live their dream life and who make million dollars, have the same number of hours a day as you.  So what are they doing differently?

In this section you will learn my favorite tools (such as Golden Hour) for getting more done in less time. We will do this all making sure your life is balanced and that you're not sacrificing any important part of your life.


This is my favorite part of the training! No productivity tool will ever make a difference, if you are to tired to follow it. This is why knowing how to manage your energy is as essential skill differentiating successful people.

You will discover 4 types of energy and how to manage them so you always have a steady source of energy for anything you want to accomplish.

This section is focused on helping you transform your daily life into a purpose-driven living. I want you to stay on track using your new skills after this training is over, as well.

You will find my favorite techniques for getting clarity in any situation. This will help you stay centered no matter what life throws you at you.

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Thank you for this course 
I liked very much this course, Magda has explained all the aspects of person´s life in an integral way with several useful exercises that helped me a lot.

- Francisco Ramirez


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