How To Market Your Product Right (Part 1)

The No 1 mistake new businesses make is marketing their offer in a way that is misaligned with their target audience.

This is why your research is so important. But I’m not talking about your traditional target audience research that you read in all marketing books (sorry – these are great to know but that’s really not how you do proper research. Just see how many of these authors actually have their own businesses!).

Ok, so if that is not the right way – what is?

I have prepared for you a two-part series on how to market your product right. In today’s video you will discover a new concept of looking at your target audience, called market awareness.

You will also learn how to position and market your offer depending on where your target audience is.


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  • Amr Tawfik

    Reply Reply March 20, 2016

    I have the proud to say
    Magda Kay is the combination of Beauty and Knowledge.
    You are amazing


    • Magda Kay

      Reply Reply March 28, 2016

      thank you :)

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