How to overcome sales objections

How to overcome sales objections

You’ve worked so hard to create your product. Put so much heart and time. And you know your product is good. You know it will help many people.
But… people are not buying it. And you end up wondering why. Here is 7 tips on how to overcome sales objections.

Unless we’re talking about chewing gums, a decision to buy anything is a big commitment. And as any decision, it has consequences. This is why it’s not really in human nature to act before thinking. We need some time to reflect and see how we really feel about something before we decide to buy it.

Any product or serves is different and the objections to buy them will differ. However, there are some common objections that you will encounter no matter what your product is. In this article we will cover 7 main sales objections and how to overcome them.

7 reasons why people don’t buy:

How to overcome sales objections and sell

1. Is it real?

People are never sure if what they see is real, and it’s especially valid for online business. They can’t go to the shop to see that the company actually exists, they can’t touch the product to see if it is what the company claims it to be. How can they be sure that the website they’re on is not a scam? People worry that after buying a product online, they will never get it. Or that what they’ll get won’t be what they believed they will receive.

What to do: Add as much reality to your online business as possible.

  • Show real people behind the business (use your images, insert your story in the copy)
  • Add contact details (email, phone number)
  • Use testimonials and images of clients using your product or service

2. Does it work?

Can we be sure that the product offered is actually going to work? Too many times people believe in advertisement, and convinced of the promised benefits they buy it, only to realise it’s not what they expected.

What to do: Give proof that it works.

  • Use testimonial and reviews to show that it worked for other
  • Offer free trials so people can check on their own if it works for them

3. Price

Price is one of the most commons objections. For any decision we make we lose something. Economists call it alternative or opportunity costs. For example, if I decide to buy a sandwich for $10, that means that I cannot use this $10 for a coffee. Whenever a person wants to buy a product, they will always make comparisons to what else could they get for this money. They need to choose, and choosing is not always easy.

What to do: Guide the comparison of the price.

  • Compare the benefits of your products to something trivial that costs the same (ex. for the price of a dinner you can transform your life)
  • Compare your offer to other similar products that cost more
  • Offer money back guarantee

4. Not clear what you’re selling

Imagine somebody comes to your page. Is it immediately clear to them what you do? Sometimes websites are overpacked with information, links, boxes, menus and navigation bars, but none of them is telling you straight what you can find here. People land on your website for a reason, and they need to find the answer to they are searching for right away. Otherwise they will leave.

What to do: Make your message clear and simple.

  • Use clear headlines, straight to the point
  • Show images of what you sell
  • Clearly indicate the benefits of your product
  • Use clear CTA (ex. get the video for free now, start your free trial of the program)

5. Nervous about buying online

E-commenrce has been present for many years now and with time more people got convinced to try it. Still, many people will find it difficult to trust it. There are cases of purchasing the product and not getting it. Or credit card details being stolen. Despite improvements, buying online is not as safe as offline.

What to do: Show it is safe to buy from you.

  • Use testimonials
  • Add social proof (how many people have already purchased your product)
  • Use security icons & check

6. I don’t have time for it

A new purchase means commitment, and often people are nut sure if they can find time for it. We all have busy schedules and try to juggle as much as (im)possible in a very short time. Some products, like course, infoproducts, diets or exercise program, require customers to commit time. Others might require time before they can be used (ex. IKEA furniture, which needs to be assembled first)

What to do: Show how easy it is to use your product

  • Use guides/scheduled on how to use your product
  • Mention it the copy that it is easy to use your product (use words such as easy, effortless)



A decision to buy a product can be quite difficult and overwhelming. People will always have doubts. The best strategy to increase sales is to address the objectives right away. Knowing how to overcome sales objections is your secret weapon to a more successful business.


Now back to you.

What objectives have you come across in your business? How did you solve them? Share with us in the comments section below.

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