Too Much Work? Here Is How To Slow Down And Get Time For Yourself And Those You Love When You’re Crazy Busy

After 7 years of living abroad, I am happily back in Poland living with my Dad. Only that… I don’t really get to see him nor spend much time with him.

He is working very hard these days. He comes home late, often needs to work on weekend, and so I barely see him. And when I do see him all he wants to do is just stop thinking, so he watches TV or plays some games.

I know what he’s going thru. I’ve been there. So busy that I didn’t have time for myself, let alone for my friends or my family. All I wanted was to slow down and get some rest, but my workload was too much to even think about it.

But you know what? This lifestyle took a toll on me. When my health suffered I decided I needed to make some changes. Over the years I worked out a few tricks to help me pass these busy times. Tricks that allow me to always take care of myself, rest and have time for the people who truly matter to me.

Here are a few simple rules I follow every time my work becomes overwhelming – that allow me to keep my sanity even in the worst moments:

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And what do you do when you become crazy busy? Let me know in the comments section below so I can try your tip, too.


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