Launch Your First Online Product

A step-by-step guide for creating successful infoproducts

I know there are those big marketing gurus offering to teach you how to make tons of money online.. if only you pay them thousands of dollars to learn the “secrets” first.

I don’t believe in secrets. I don’t believe in gurus or spending that much money. I also don’t believe in overcomplicating things or giving incomplete information only to get you to buy more products from me.

I was lucky enough to work with the best in the industry, and now I want to help people like you take advantage of what Internet offers.

I have been asked by so many people how all this online business works, I decided to put a simple guide for anyone out there who wants to enter the online game and make some money.
Whether you want to start your own business or are simply looking to make some extra on the side - this training will show you exactly how to create an online product that sells.

I Need To WARN You

Before you make any decision, I need to warn you: this is not a why-you-should-launch-an-online-product kind of course. This is a step by step guide, so get it only if you know you want to create and sell your online product. I will not be convincing you why online products are the easiest and fastest way to get money. I will show you HOW, not the why. This is hands-on, purely practical. There is enough motivational videos and courses out there.

Who am I and why should you trust me?

I have worked on creating and launching over 20 different online products. I have worked with some of the biggest authors out there, as well as created 12 of my own courses.
I have brought in over $3 million dollars. Some of my products made as much as $800,000. While others brought no money at all. Yes, I also worked on products that flopped and brought exactly $0.
Why I am sharing my failures with you? Because I know what works and what doesn’t.

Fast-Track To Your First Online Product

With this training you will be able to create a full product in less than 1 month. You will learn how to hack the writing, creating and editing of your course, so you can get it out there fast and start making money. That means - that if you want to - in less than 2 months after enrolling in this course, you could already make all your money back (and more!).

Take A Look Inside The Course:

Here is what you're getting when you order the training on How To Launch Your First Online Product:

BONUS: 5 video course formats

If you order now, you will get a special bonus chapter with 5 special formats for the video training. You will see what are some of the less conventional ways to use video to boost the quality and value of your course.

The truth is, selling starts with the product. If the product sucks even the best sales technique won’t help you. But if the product is great then it sells itself, and you don’t need much selling at all. This is why getting your product right is essential.

30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guaranteee

If you find this training is not for you, I will personally refund your money – no questions asked. Simply email me at
I don’t want anything less than AMAZING for you.


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