Marketing For Start-Ups:

5 Things Anybody Starting
Their Own Business Must Know

You have a great idea for a business and you can’t wait to start making money from it?

You know what you want to do, you know why you want to do it, but… you’re not quite sure how…

You start considering hiring a marketing expert to help you put a whole marketing plan in place. Or maybe you’ve even bought some marketing books to learn it all by yourself. And if you’ve already started than you might have seen there is much more to marketing that you expected…

It’s confusing, I know. I studied it for 5 years and worked as a Marketing specialist for more than 8 years, ranging from mass market products to luxury brands.

There is so much to know about, it’s hard to even know where to start. If you feel it’s overwhelming, it is. But, it doesn’t have to be, because…

You don’t have to know it all

The problem is that too often we overcomplicate things. We want others to think we are super smart and special doing what we do. We make sure others think our jobs are tough and that we are great because we can do them.

The truth is, most of the things are much easier than people make them look.

Other marketers are probably gonna hate me for revealing their secret… but being inside the circle, I can tell you one thing for sure: marketing is not as complicated as others make you believe.

You don’t have to know it all. And whoever tells you need to hire a marketers cause it’s too much for you to do it yourself, is simply trying to extract as much money as possible from your pockets.

Your time is too precious to waste it on things that don’t build your business

One thing you must know, is that a lot of traditional marketing does not apply to you. So if you spend your time studying and working on it, you’re simply wasting your time. The time that you could put into growing your dream business.

I am the owner and CEO of software business in Russia. My favorite part of work is strategy and marketing.Both this two questions require good persuating skills to deal with partners, clients and team. That is why I took this training. And I find it extremly useful. I feel really sad, that I payed great money for MBA degree in marketing, but did not know from MBA, that marketing is all about psychology. I finally got, that marketing is not about strategy or product, it s more about psychology and people. Magda, thank U for creating and sharing! It s great! So simple, so elegant and so helpful. Very easy to take and implement! Wish U all the best!


I find Magda's advice super inspirational and valuable for my coaching business and my personal life. Magda is a great example of strong, inspiring, versatile, talented and at the same time a very feminine and a beautiful woman. Don't miss your chance  working with Magda Kay. You will be amazed!

Diana J.
Diana J. Marry Me In Goa & Journey 2 ExtraordiarYou

It was an awesome event! Not only I was super charged but I found many people more than willing to share their experience & lend a helping hand. Thank you


The solution is within your reach

A few months ago I was invited to train over 20 entrepreneurs who have decided to take the courageous step to start their own business. It was a part of 2-day event to help passionate people from all types of industries turn their passion into a profitable business. It was an honour and pleasure to be surrounded by people who follow their own heart.

I always felt very passionate about helping people build their dream businesses. This is why I decided to try to get this training to more people - and now it’s finally available.

Though it was a part of a paid 2-day training, you can get access to my training Marketing For Start Ups today, on this very page, and… spending no more that you would for lunch.

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