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The Power Of Persuasion

Over 17 proven techniques of persuasion you can start using immediately in any situation, be it asking for a raise, getting favorable loan conditions from a bank, getting your family to support you or asking that girl or a guy on a date.

The ArtĀ Of Persuasion

Dive deep into the psychology of human brain and learn simple tools to influence it. Among the many techniques you will learn, you will discover power words that - if used - help you win people over.

Marketing For Start Ups: 5 Things Anybody Starting Their Own Business Must Know

It's an exclusive recording of my paid training for entrepreneurs starting their own business. You will learn the essentials for successful marketing and selling of your idea with no need to hire anybody or to go back to Uni to get a marketing degree.

9 Steps To Ethical Persuasion

Persuasion has a really bad rep, but it doesn't have to be about manipulation. You can successfully influence others in an ethical way. And while you're getting from them what you want, they remain satisfied with the decision, too. In this training you will learn 9 powerful techniques to do that.

Launch Your First Online Product

Step-by-step by guide to creating an online course that sells. You will learn how to choose the topic that people want to learn, how to design your course, how to organize your content and how to record it. We will also discuss the necessary equipment to allow you a high quality content without spending a lot of money.

How To Dream Big & Make It Happen

Live the life of passion, purpose and abundance. In this training you will discover proven techniques to hack how your mind works. I will show you how to adjust your daily routine so you have more energy andy accomplish more, and all while enjoying every second of your life.

Psychology For Marketers Elite Mastermind

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