What obstacles will you face when starting new business [video]

The Eventuality, The Heist, and The Ripple

Khailee expresses that when most people embark on a big mission, be it starting a business or a social cause, they will face a couple of ‘frequently-faced obstacles’. While most people prescribe a set of habits, qualities, or tactics to overcome these obstacles, Khailee discovered that they can be overcome, or even prevented when you shift your focus from solving the problem itself to shifting the context altogether. After being involved in over 40 fast-growth technology startups as a founder, advisor, or investor, Khailee identified 3 specific ‘context-shifts’ that will help anyone who is on a mission, and shares these shifts in a visually unique and memorable way.


Khailee Ng

Khailee Ng co-founded group buying site GroupsMore.com. Launched in 3 weeks, it grew it to largest player in Malaysia in 3 months, and was then sold to Groupon. He also co-founded SAYS.com, a social news company in Southeast Asia, and grew it into a fast-growing, profitable business with some of the biggest brands in the world as returning customers.


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