How to use negative feelings for more growth, productivity and life fulfilment

For long I believed that when I was feeling positive emotions, then I was a good person, in control of my life, balanced, reliable, mature… Experiencing negative emotions meant I failed at something. It was a sign I am not good, I an not in control, I am not balanced, I am not reliable and I am not mature.

I’d be very hard on myself for feeling these negative emotions, so I would suppress them, put on a mask and act as nothing has happened.

When I hit my second depression I finally realized that every feeling we have, can bring something good. In fact, that continuous suppressing of certain feelings is what got me into depression to start with.

I was determined to embrace every feeling I had, and learn how to use them to my advantage. Rather than let them control me, or pretend I’m not feeling them, I decided to channel them into areas where I needed more strength.

In today’s video I’m sharing with you 4 feelings that have been labeled as bad – and I’m showing you how experiencing them can help you become more productive in life and find your life purpose:

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