How to boost your business with videos - Psychology for Marketers

Is your website missing one of the most effective tools to boost your business?

There are many small and easy improvements you can implement on your website to increase its performance. But then there are those that can help skyrocket your business perform. And I’m not talking about redesigning or rewriting your pages. I’m not talking about anything that would require drastic changes to your site.

On the contrary, this tool is easy to implement and everybody can do it. You don’t have to be a pro to rip the benefits from using it.
What is this magical tool? It’s videos.

How to boost your business with videos - Psychology for Marketers

How to boost your business with only one easy thing?

Yes, videos. I’m sure you’ve come across a lot of website with videos. Indeed, more and more businesses are using them. And the reason is very simply: because they work.
There are benefits to using videos that none of the other type of media can give you. And below I am revealing the main 3.
So keep on reading to find out how you can leverage on hidden psychological and social triggers in your videos to influence your prospects decisions.

1. Builds rapport and relationship

Videos are perfect at showing who you are and your personality. Not only do people see your face, they can also hear your voice and see how you move and behave. All that creates a very real idea of your person. And you want to be perceived as a real human being. If people feel they know who is behind the product, they will be more likely to buy it.
Videos allow you to build trust with your audience, and trust is essential for them to feel comfortable to stick to your website (and then sign up for your content or buy your product). What’s more, once you establish trust, you have just made yourself the biggest favour ever. Why? Because if you ever stumble, make an error or mistake – people will be more likely to stick with you and forgive you.

2. Engages your audience

Like no other medium, videos create the strongest engagement with your prospects. This is because they involve both visuals, text and sound – so engage more senses than just a written text or an image.
On top of that, our eyes are subconsciously drawn to the movement. This is called peripheral vision which is fuelled by the old brain (responsible for our survival). This instinct is so strongly rooted in us that we can’t control it. No matter what, if there is a changing element on your page, it will be noticed.

3. Influences people’s emotions and actions

Have you noticed, that when you look at a face of a child smiling, you smile back? This is caused by mirror neurons. They make us empathetical with others and help create a connection with another person. But they also have an interesting implication…
See, these neurone can’t distinguish between observation and performance. What it means is that if we observe somebody taking a particular action, we initially think that it’s us doing it. Think of your reaction when you see somebody getting burnt. You grab your hand and only after a few seconds you let go of it. You realise you are not the one who got burnt, but you needed a few seconds for that. Videos manage to leverage on this phenomenon.

Firstly, with the use of videos, you can shape the emotional state your audience is in, by showing people feeling these emotions.
Secondly, you can influence their decision making.
You want them to sign up on a page? Show a stimulation of somebody filling in a sign up form. Want them to leave a comment? Show in a video a comment being added on your page. Want them to buy your product? Show a person using the product.

Now that you know how powerful videos can be, I’m sure you can’t wait to implement them right away on your site. But you might be asking yourself how.

Here are a few ideas of what type of videos and where to ass to your website.

1. Teaser video on your sign up page:
This video needs to be very short (no more than 3 min, but I would even suggested limiting it to 1 min). You simply tease prospects about what juicy content they will get if they sign up on your site.

How to boost your business with videos - Psychology for Marketers

Examples of using videos on a sign up page (

2. Intro video on the top of your sales page:
As videos are great at grabbing attention and engaging, they might be a good tool to hoop your prospects and motivate them to read your sales copy. In this video you need to use the same angle as your headline and lead – as it needs to lead to reading the rest of the page

3. Product showcase video
This is where you present your product, what it is composed of and how to use it.

4. Sales video

Ready? Test!
(yes, remember to always test any changes on your website. every business and industry is different, you want to find what works best for YOU).

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