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What others are saying of this training:

I am the owner and CEO of software business in Russia. My favorite part of work is strategy and marketing.Both this two questions require good persuating skills to deal with partners, clients and team. That is why I took this course. And I find this course extremly useful. I feel really sad, that I payed great money for MBA degree in marketing, but did not know from MBA, that marketing is all about psychology. When I started reading Magda s blog, I finally got, that marketing is not about strategy or product, it s more about psychology and people. Magda, thank U for creating and sharing! It s great! So simple, so elegant and so helpful. Very easy to take and implement! Wish U all the best!

- Anastasia

Magnificently beautiful and easy to understand and to apply I have to say, I am quite surprise by the calibre of this training as I thought it would just be another replicable content as I do read a lot of books about the power of persuasion. Magda’s training however hacked your way to the main core and gets you digest the juiciness of the content and the techniques are easy to apply. I’ve already tested it and it seems to work flawlessly. Just remember to use your power of persuasion wisely! I love the Magda Method! With great power comes great responsibility so use it for the good.

- Mohd Zikry Kholil

This training is absolutely FREE - book your spot below: