Vision board – a secret, yet extremely easy, shortcut to achieving your goals

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso

The game is about to begin. It’s going to determine your future. You need to win. You MUST win. 10 minutes left….

If it was you about to play the most important game of your life, what would you do in these 10 minutes?
I can tell you what the most successful players do. They visualise. They close their eyes, they relax, and they see with their imagination how they enter the field with confidence, how they prepare for the first shot, how they throw the ball and how perfectly and effortlessly hit it to score their first points. No stress at all. Hit after hit, ball after ball, they keep winning. They imagine playing the whole game. At the end, they see themselves on a podium as a champ, and they feel all the excitement and joy of winning the game.

This is what every successful athlete does in the last minutes before the game.

And this is what every successful athlete does in months before the game. They don’t only train their body. They train their minds for a full support towards the goals they want to achieve.

What can we learn from athletes? That the power of visualisation can help you achieve the most daring goals.

Our mind is the most complex and effective machine ever known to a man. And yet what we think our brain can do is actually… only 10% of it’s full capabilities. On top of processing thoughts at a crazy speed, and calculating, our brain has an incredible power. This power is your imagination.

There are many ways to activate your imagination. Today, let’s talk about vision boards, my favourite of them all (not just mine, Oprah loves vision boards too!)

Vision Board FAQ:

Q: What is a vision board?
A: A vision board is simply a collection of images representing what you want in life.

Q: How does a vision board work?
A: Vision board helps you get clarity on your goals. It gives you the image of the things you want to achieve and therefore activates your imagination every time you look at it.

Q: How to create a vision board?
A: It’s easier than you think! Below are the 5 steps to creating you vision board:

5 Stesps To Creating YOUR Own Vision Board

1. Decide what you want

First step to creating a vision board

2. Find pictures

You can use magazines and cut them from here or search on The Internet, and print them (you might wanna use that nice shiny paper to print them)

Second step to creating a vision board

3. Stuck them all on board

If you don’t have a board, you also put them directly on your wall or wardrobe’s door (note that the tape might ruin them, though). Below is the picture of my vision board:

Magda Kay's vision board

4. Place your board somewhere where you can always see it

5. Look at your board as often as you can

Spend few second every morning and/or before going to bed to think of all the things you want in life.

Or you can do it in an even easier (and more fun) way by using Mind Movies. It’s a software that allows you to create a vision board movies, extremely fun!
It’s super simple and have one big advantage over a normal board. Mind Movies are… movies, and so they are more engaging for your brain. The effects will be stronger.
(if you want to try Mind Movies, just click here>>)

The Single Most Important Things About Your Vision Board

The key to successfully using a vision board for your goals is “focus and then let go”.
Let me explain.
You need to look at your vision board. For these few seconds, focus on every image you see. Imagine having it all. Imagine how that makes you feel.
And then let go. Stop thinking about it. Let it sink into your subconscious and front here do it’s magic. If you think too much about what you want and how to get it, you’ll get paralysed, and that’s not the point.

I have a story for you that proves just that.
Make sure you watch it till min 4, as this is where he talks about his vision board and how it helped him get that amazing house.
You are the judge. In any case, the power of mind is limitless and this man’s success is just an example of this. And I always like to listen to millionaires sharing their secrets to success. Tons to learn here.

What do you think?

What do you think of the possibilities of your imagination? Do you already have a vision board? Join the conversation below.

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  • Adel Kassouri

    Reply Reply November 17, 2013

    Hi Magda, Thanks for this clear post and keep posting.
    Personally I do not have a Vision board on any wall (as i move a lot) but i had a visions and goal list my on pc desktop (background).
    Thanks to this post I’m changing what was just a text image list into an image as background made of few images.
    It’s pretty much the same because i do see it everyday and that helps me keep tracks.

    Adel, a new follower.

    • Magda Kay

      Reply Reply November 17, 2013

      Hi Adel,
      I think it’s a great idea. For a while (before I got my physical board), I was using my desktop as well. As long as you get to see it often, it will do its work.
      Good luck with all!

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