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I can help you with marketing and building your online business, as well as in your personal growth and life coaching. Please see bellow how you can work with me and read more to find out what suits your needs best.





For bookings and inquires email - please put “Work with me - Your Name” in the subject line for the fastest reply.


With over 10 years of experience in traditional marketing, trade marketing and digital marketing, I can help you build and grow your business. My services include creation and/or execution of:

  • Branding strategy
  • Product creation
  • Product launch
  • Pricing strategy to maximize revenue
  • Marketing and promo strategy
  • Building a website
  • Building Facebook support for your business
  • Social Media
  • Best customer experience

These services come on a project basis.

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There is no better way to learn a new skill or understand a new idea, that by trying it. My trainings are always interactive, so that each participant can feel what it means and how it feels to apply new concepts in their lives. Some of the topics include: building public speaking skills, building personal brand, how to train adults, how to change old habits and create new ones, managing your time and energy, how to persuade others and influence their behaviour, how to build self-confidence, how to stay motivated, etc.

Read more about some of the available trainings:

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3hr long intensive one-on-one coaching. These are perfect to go deep into the issues and work on the from the root cause. Having more time together, I can help you see how each experience of your life has impacted the person you are today, and how it’s silently determining the quality of your life. A big benefit of such an intensive session, is you experiencing a profound change in your mindset and attitude. This is also a perfect place to start before deciding on any long-term coaching programs, as it gives both of us a very concrete of understanding of what your needs are and how I can help you with them.

30-day coaching program

This is a perfect package if you’re working on a particular project, that you want help with. On a business level, this is your package if you want to improve your website, launch a new product, craft Facebook strategy, etc

On a personal level, this package will help you see the results if you’re looking to revamp your look, change how people perceive you and what impression you make on others, de-stress your life, eliminate habits causing you stress and tiredness and instead create new ones to help you feel energised and healthy.

This package is also for you is you’re ready to change your wealth consciousness and create a mindset to prepare you for lots of money and abundance.

90-day coaching program

This package is perfect if you want to work on aspects of your life that seem to be stubbornly chasing you, no matter what you try. Every session will lift one layer. And for some very deeply-rooted patterns, it simply takes more time - as they are more layers to clear. This is normal. In fact, the most profound change I’ve observed in others (and myself) took from 3 to 6 months long. And the sooner you embark on this path, the sooner you’ll see the results.

This package is perfect if you’re struggling with issues on personal level, such as: lack of self-love and low self-esteem, destructive relationship or unhealthy and emotionally draining relationship with parents.

This is also a great package if you’re starting to build your business. 90 days with me will give you enough time to cover everything you need to officially launch your business, such as create a beautiful website, set all the necessary back end components, define strategy for your business, build social media presence (especially on Facebook), etc.

Discovery Session

This a free session lasting about 30 min (no longer than 1 hour) for both of us to discover if we are a good match for each other. I want to know what you do, and what your goals are to see if I can help you get to those goals.

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Talks provide a great opportunity to share new concept with a large group of people. If you run a company, or a big team - you will see a lot of benefits. This is also a great option for organizations and universities.

I will work on the topic with you, so it best suits the current issues you're struggling with. Among the topics I specialize in there are: vast aspects of marketing, how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, the art and science of persuasion, how to keep the motivation hight, how to create a personal brand, and many more. 

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