What you will learn:

1. It all starts with confidence

It this part you will learn why confidence is the base for building personal branding and positively impacting every person you come in touch with.

You will discover how to build confidence, even if you don’t always feel confident yourself. I’ll show you how to use body language to increase your confidence.

You will experience 2 powerful exercises that will boost your confidence right in the training. 

The first one, called the “Break-It” technique will reveal your natural inner strength and show you just how unstoppable you are.

The second, “Show me what you got” exercise, will boost your confidence in literally 6 minutes flat.

This part will also help you become more assertive, learn how to say “no” and set clear boundaries for yourself and others.

2. How to get respect from others

In this section of the training you will learn how to make people look up to you and respect you.

We will discuss how building authority is an essential element of this - and how to build your authority, no matter how you look or what job position you have now.

3. How to make people like you from the first moment they see you

It is a well known fact that we are more likely to do favors for our friends.

Getting others to like us is then an essential part in getting what you want now and in the future. Good peoples skills are important for anybody working with others, but they are essential for salesmen.

You will learn proven techniques to be more likeable (and don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to become somebody you’re not).

You will also discover what makes you fascinating and how to activate you unique personal charm.








Who Is It For:

This workshop will benefit a wide variety of people, as making a good first impression, radiating confidence and charm, is essential in many areas of our lives. You need these skills for business to win your customers and potential partners. You ned it at home, with friends.

However, this is an especially great workshop for sales representatives, public personas, speakers, managers and team leaders. In your case, this training is going to be the most important investment that will bring you return in many years to follow.

Though it is not essential, having had any previous experience in personal branding will help you benefit the most from each section of this workshop.

About Your Host, Magda Kay

Over my professional life as a marketer, public speaker and a trainer, I've learn how crucial personal brand is. It is essential to come across as a confident person with expertise.

However, as I soon discovered, it doesn't take years of practice or studying to emanate the energy of the expertise and authority. Anybody can learn certain traits and behaviours that will boost their confidence and will make others perceive their as authority.

I used my knowledge of psychology and persuasion to work on my personal branding. I realized it's easier that I had imagined. And I immediately experienced all the benefits coming from having a strong personal brand.

I now have people contacting me from all around the world to help them build their business and coach them on building their own brands.

I've learn how to win the first impression with anybody I meet - and now I want to share my secrets with you.

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Capacity: 10-20 people

Duration: 1 full day


To book this workshop, please email me at info@psychologyformarketers with "Personal Branding" in the subject line (this will allow me to reply to you asap).

You can also shoot me an email to ask any questions regarding this workshop