Does the idea of public speaking make your stomach twist? Do you feel stress and anxiety? Do you find yourself avoiding public performances and talks at any cost?

I have a solution for you. Public speaking can be learnt. It's not a skill some people are simply born with, while others are not. It's a skill that can be developed, and in a much easier way that you've been told.

The problem is that most trainers throw you on a deep water and put you on stage in front of many people to overcome your fear. But that won't work. You will only feel more stress and fear and you will not perform well. What's even worse, is that it's only going to add to your already existing fear of public speaking.

My system is different. It's proved by psychological research, neuroscience and personal experience of the best speakers around the world. It taps into the secrets of human brain allowing you to effortlessly and naturally overcome your fear.

At the end of this 2-day training you will find yourself feeling comfortably on stage, getting attention of your audience with no effort and easily getting your point thru.




Who Is It For:

This training is designed particularly for people who fear public speaking and need assistance in overcoming that fear. It will be most helpful for those who do not feel confident in front of crowds and who tend to miss out on all the opportunities by avoiding any public speaking opportunities.

This training offers a gradual process for building confidence on stage, reprogram the subconscious mind and give you a fair chance at getting your ideas thru when presenting them to others.

About Your Host, Magda Kay

Even though I always loved being on stage I realized I would too get stressed when performing in front of big crowds. I always thought it's due to my shy personality and that there is nothing I could do about it. I was simply like this.

But after I kept missing out on many personal and business opportunities I decided to change it. I started studying human psychology and practice to find a system that would allow me to comfortable, confidently and most of all successfully present to other people in any situation.

Today I speak at international events in front of tens and hundreds of people. I have also won various awards in Public Speaking contests.

I've come to realize that a lot of my current success are due to my ability to present in front of the public with ease. Even if you don't want to become a world-wide famous speaker, the skills to do so are essential to get your fair share in life.

I am happy to both give talks at various public and private events as well as share my system and tips with others to help them do the same.

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Capacity: 10-20 people

Duration: 2 full days


To book this workshop, please email me at info@psychologyformarketers with "Public Speaking" in the subject line (this will allow me to reply to you asap).

You can also shoot me an email to ask any questions regarding this workshop