Are you tired of having have to choose between success and love? Between being a good leader and having happy relationships? Between being respected and liked? Join this 1-day Intensive to learn:

  • what is your wealth blueprint and how to change it right now to attract more abundance to your life
  • how to tap into the extraordinary gift that only you possess - your intuition - to make far better decisions in your career or in re-discovering a career path, health, parenting and relationships
  • how to be successful in business and in the  home without becoming bossy or strict (hint: you don’t need to copy men to be successful!)
  • how to leverage your femininity and natural charm without losing respect of others
  • how to determine and eliminate old patterns that have been secretly sabotaging you from having the life you want
  • and much, much more....





Who Is It For:

Do you feel there is a potential in you that is just waiting to come out, but you don't know how to let it shine? Do you feel you are meant for more than the life you're living now? Have you lost part of your true identity through motherhood or living the expat life? Do you feel stuck and do you want to find the way to get out of the rut?

If you are passionate about creating the life you know you're meant to have, and want to do it in a way that is true to you - then this Intensive is for YOU.

You will get personal coaching and advice that YOU want and need. I care about every person who comes to the workshop and I am committed to serving you the best I can.

About Your Host, Magda Kay

For long, I felt that everybody else but me controlled my life. I was surrounded by people trying to slow me down because I was young and… because I was a woman. 

It felt as the society had a predefined place for me, and everybody around me tried to squeeze me into that place. The only problem was, I didn’t want to be there. I had my own plans and desires and they didn’t necessary match that of people around me. I felt unhappy, stuck and frustrated. I had a good life, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Until I made a decision that from now onwards I will be the one deciding for myself and in control of my life. Nobody else.

I decided that instant that I will pursue my dreams and that I will do it the way I wanted to - not by following what other men did, but the way I felt was true to me as a woman.

Today I'm happier than ever. I run my own business, I have started 5 websites, I offer online courses, I run workshops and coach. And all that while always making sure I have time to dance, paint and travel.

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Capacity: 10-20 people

Duration: 1 full day


To book this workshop, please email me at info@psychologyformarketers with "Wealth Consciousness For Women" in the subject line (this will allow me to reply to you asap).

You can also shoot me an email to ask any questions regarding this workshop